Megapuss “Adam & Steve”

I am a big supporter of side projects of The Strokes, but sometimes I wish they would just go back to making records together. Drummer Fab Moretti has just released his second side project of the year called Megapuss which also features Devendra Banhart and Greg Rogove. Megapuss just released their first video for ‘Adam & Steve’ that features Nick Valensi in it (what the…) and has the band copying Right Said Fred and George Michael (what the…). The video is a little wierd at first view, which you’ll see why when you watch it. I’d hate to spoil the fun. The song though is really catchy and kind of reminds me a little bit of The Moldy Peaches if they were more in tune with each other.

Megapuss on Myspace

Check out Megapuss’ first video for ‘Adam & Steve’

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