Ryan Adams on Letterman Tonight

Yesterday Ryan Adams and the Cardinals released another superb album titled ‘Cardinalogy’. I almost forgot that they were appearing tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman. My guess is that they will play ‘Fix It,’ but damn do I wish they would play ‘Cobwebs’. The past couple of albums we have found Adams to be at his best. Apparenly off of all his addictions and so on. I still think the best Ryan is when he’s ‘totally with it’. I once sat through a show where he fought with an amplifier for most of the night…and by fought I mean he was screaming at it like it was a child who just drew on the freshly painted wall with a crayon.

Ryan and a few of the Cardinals (but mostly Ryan) have started a blog over at Ryan-Adams.com.
Adams shows personal pictures and shares his daily thoughts from day to day. It certainly is a good read.

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals are headed your way so be sure to check them out over at www.Ryan-Adams.com. This also includes his second annual Halloween Show in NYC this Friday.

Watch The Cardinals play ‘Fix It’ live in Boston.

ps. Yes, I have to finish all of my CMJ stuff. I know!

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