Pavement Due to ‘Brighten The Corners’, Again.

Pavement will always be a very dear band to me. When I was about 12 years old, I remember getting glimpses of them on 120 Minutes if I was lucky. 120 Minutes was on so after my bedtime that I had to sneak downstairs to watch it. Pavement were frequently played, and I remember being in love with a certain song that still remains to be one of my favorites until this day…”Shadey Lane.”  I did my best to find ‘Brigthen the Corners’ in my little suburban mall, and to my surprise, they had it. I played that cd to no end.

To me, Pavement is the essential indie rock band. They are what got me into music. They are what made me in love with music. Stephen Malkmus was my first musician crush. They were my first party band. I’m not sure where I would be if I never discovered Pavement, or where a lot of us reading this would be.

Matador is reissuing ‘Brighten the Corners” due out November 11th, filled with b-sides, compiliations, outtakes, etc. This is beyond exciting. Its kind of sad though that after this, all that is left to reissue in deluxe edition is ‘Terror Twilight.’ Hint Pavement: Reunite because you were awesome….and so I don’t have to stalk Mark Ibold at Stephen Malkmus shows and giggle ‘haha IBOLD!’ to my friends.

Check out one of my other favorite songs off of ‘Brighten the Corners’, ‘Stereo’. Look for the squirrel….

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