Secondhand Sunday: Of Montreal “So Begins Our Alabee”

Spring coming automatically puts me in an Of Montreal mood. Okay, more so. Aren’t I always in an Of Montreal mood? Hah. This video is an oldie and a personal fave from The Sunlandic Twins (Polyvinyl). “So Begins Our Alabee,” is one of the greatest songs and the video is just fun and colorful. Yes this is before they glammed themselves up. Notice Kevin’s casual dancing and non-flashy clothes. My my have they come a long way. Either way, they are one of the best bands to ever exist. We can’t wait to see what the band has up their sleeve next.


Secondhand Sunday: Of Montreal ‘Disconnect the Dots’

All of the Of Montreal Lollapalooza and tour dates news this week has put me in the OM spirit. The band has definitely been making waves at the festival this year and all of this talk makes us jealous that we aren’t there! Today’s Secondhand Sunday features the song that started the band’s mega transformation, ‘Disconnect the Dots’.  Sure it had some heads scratching at the time but it also went along with a lot of, well, dancing. Correct is of we’re wrong but it was also the band’s first video and features the artwork of Kevin’s brother, David Barnes who also along side Kevin’s wife, Nina, does all of the artwork for the band. This was the beginning of things to come.

Watch Of Montreal’s ‘Disconnect the Dots’

Of Montreal Upcoming Tour Dates

August 7 — Chicago, IL — Lollapalooza 2009 AA
August 9 — Houston, TX —
Free Press Summer Fest AA
August 29 — San Diego, CA —
Street Scene 2009 AA
September 12 — Morrison, CO —
Monolith Festival 2009 (Red Rocks) AA
September 18 — New York, NY —
Terminal 5 AA