Acrylics Release First Single off “Lives and Treasure”

Acrylics can’t possibly be making any kind of statement with “Nightwatch,” the first single off their upcoming debut LP, Lives and Treasure.  But with the multitudes of flash-in-the-pan indie that has come out the past few years, making a significant splash isn’t about being bold or innovative, you just need to write a good track. 

“Nightwatch” is a good track.  It’s easy to imagine this as a Fleetwood Mac tune given that singer, Molly Shea, is a female and the track screams 70’s soft rock; however, the similarities end there.  Unfortunately, female singers have always been limited to ill-conceived and ambiguous comparisons due to a smaller influential pool to draw from.  Not every female folk singer sounds like Janis Joplin, just like not every male indie rocker sounds like Lou Reed — even if they try to.

Regardless, “Nightwatch” is a late-night drive, a haunting slow jam that never picks up because it never has to.  The line, “I believe in infinity” falls as flat as the chorus it makes up, but the rest of the song coasts along toward its shimmering fade out.

New York’s Acrylics Set To Start New Year With New Album


Putting all of their heart and life into their first full-length album, New York duo Acrylics will be releasing Lives and Treasure on January 25, 2011 on Hot Sands Records. 

Joining forces in 2008, Acrylic’s Molly Shea and Jason Klauber first met at Oberlin College where the two quickly started creating their dreamy sound.  They released an EP entitled All of the Fire on Terrible Records giving Shea and Klauber the opportunity to work with producers like Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift, Matt Boynton of Gang Gang Dance and MGMT, and Britt Myers of Yeasayer and Charlift.  The EP quickly garnered a lot of buzz among listeners and critics alike. 

After the release of All of the Fire and sharing the stage with bands like Das Racist, Class Actress and Girls, the two were ready to head back to their Bushwick apartment and finish up their first full length album.  Lives and Treasure is full of tracks rich with layers of meaningful lyrics backed with flowing harmonies and melodic beats.  For Shea and Klauber, the album comes straight from the heart.   

Check out Acrylics on their MySpace page and hear tracks from their previously released EP All of the Fire.