Ariel Arbisser Shares Her New Electro-Pop Single “Rabbit Hole”

Singer/songwriter Ariel Arbisser’s music and performances make her audiences feel seen, heard, and offers a unique glimpse into how she experiences the highs and lows of the world. Her music is raw and passionate, a brand of pop that you won’t find in other artists.

She just released her new electro-pop single, with a hint of funk, “Rabbit Hole,” the follow up single to her last release “Bloodshed.” “The core of this song came to me last year and it’s had a chokehold on me since,” shares Ariel. “Thematically there’s some crossover, but ‘Rabbit Hole’ comes down from the rage-filled fever pitch of ‘Bloodshed’ to this which is a more restrained, sexy, slow-burn. Things haven’t settled yet. The ‘dark side’ is still enticing, maybe even more comfortable than it was before. The full song sonically is true, addictive journey downward.”

“Rabbit Hole” has a contemporary meets retro electro-pop sound, almost like a Sara Bareilles meets Harry Styles. Her voice carries such strength, similar to an Alice Russell or Brandi Carlile, or even an Adele.

Through her lens as a white, Jewish, queer woman, she is transparent when learning out loud and participates in ongoing conversations about mental health, body neutrality, sex positivity, social and racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and more. In a world that’s dangerous for far too many and uncomfortable for almost everyone, she creates a touchstone by creating art, appreciating simple pleasures, and taking dedicated and intentional risks for love.

“With love comes inevitable pain– miscommunication, betrayal, heartache, loss… Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience love, however briefly, is brave. And it’s worth it in the end.”

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Nature Loves Courage Reveals their Electro-Pop Single “Shapeshiftr”

Nature Loves Courage is the rising electro-pop and dubstep trio who just released their debut single “Shapeshiftr.” This is a quirky rock electronic tune. It intermingles some synth and dubstep influences with a harder rock edge.

“Shapeshiftr” has an airy and ethereal sense about it though the beat keeps it grounded. It’s a metaphor for a change or a shift within us when it comes to pleasurable and survival situations. The melody is catchy and easily gets stuck in your head.

“The song is about a being that can shape shift into different animals but it’s also allegorical for sex and how we can morph into different beings during that activity, depending on the inspiration,” shares McKenna, the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the band. “The line ‘nothing digital can replace this’ is a commentary on how some people are consuming too much online porn.”

McKenna Rowe is driven by sound and all it’s complexities. She’s intrigued by the many ways you can manipulate it to create pleasurable sensations within us, giving our bodies a surge of serotonin. When it comes to writing her music, genre isn’t in her mind. She fascinated by everything from trip-hop and dubstep to catchy melodies, rock, and orchestrations.

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