Christian Parker’s New Video for “Every Passing Mile” Tells an Unexpected Tale

Experienced musician, Christian Parker, shares his cinematic video for his latest indie-folk and Americana single, “Every Passing Mile.” His impassioned song, with a Beatles meets Paul Simon vibe to it, is a narrative around a man who is driven by an unrelenting desire.

This video shares the story of a man who see’s a woman on his journey. He has a relationship with her and while it’s unclear what kind of relationship it is, what is clear is his obsession for her. He thinks of her regularly, with every passing mile.

This women serves as an addiction. She is always with him and he chases her, trying to catch something that doesn’t exists. He carries a piece of her with him, as seen with the white cloth stained with her red lips. “This symbol serves as a reminder of the power she holds over him, and his willingness to carry her with him as if he might use the thought of her as a drug at any moment. ‘Like a train along the tracks,’ the woman in white seems to be destined to collide with him, bringing him relief and pulling him back into an addictive relationship all at once,” shares Christian on the video. “As he attempts to escape this, we see him move further away from society, leaving his own home and eventually winding deep into the woods. When the instrumental solo smoothly rolls in, we are returned to the previous night, where we witness just what he’s running from: the woman in white visited unannounced in the night, pulls him into a trance, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.”

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The World Appears the Same, But Things Have Changed in “Every Passing Mile”

Christian Parker is a seasoned singer songwriter, recording artist and guitarist from Canton, New York, United States. His new single, taken from the album of the same title, “Every Passing Mile” is a beautiful, emotional song with wistful lyrics and a haunting electric guitar hook.

Parker has been recording music for the last thirty years. Notably, his songs center around themes of the stories of others he knows, as well as the things that we all deal with. Worries, trials, successes, tribulations. The ever-changing ups and downs of life.

“Every Passing Mile” is the story of a relationship now gone. With the passing of time, the feelings for a love gone become more haunting, more memorable in some ways. There is a lovely bridge with the electric guitar, and a lilting chorus that complements Parker’s vocals.

Although melancholic and written with minor chords, this song has an uplifting chorus. There is rhythm, a unique sound to the electric guitar, and an overall musical sound that is profoundly memorable.

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You will want to listen to this song again and explore more of Parker’s music as you go.

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