Black Francis’ ‘Bluefinger’ to be Adapted as a Rock Opera

After releasing Bluefinger back in 2007 to mild acclaim, the former Pixies frontman, Black Francis, has taken to the idea of adapting the concept album for the stage.  The album centered around the life and early death of Herman Brood, a Dutch rocker who died, tragically, at 54 after jumping off the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton in 2001.  The Catastrophic Theater in Houston is set to premeire the rock opera that was originally conceived by Pixies biographer Josh Frank.  After seeing the Daniel Johnston spectacle, Speeding Motorcycle, Frank was compelled to pitch the opera idea to Black Francis for Bluefinger.  Frank introduced Francis to Jason Nodler, who eventually adapted the album for the stage. 

Opening November 12 in the 100-capacity DiverseWorks Artspace in Houston, the opera promises to be an intimate experience and a conceptual look into artists continuing the work of others through the inspiration they give to them.  In doing so, artists take that inspiration and discover themselves by first discovering – and even becoming – their predecessors.