Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Matt Fasullo

What started out as an experimentation with music in his parent’s basement turned into a constant project where he matured his sound for seven years. Matt Fasullo combines the familiar with the new, splicing together the warmth and rawness of folk music with the underbelly of alternative electronica.

His nostalgic song, “Video99,” mixes R&B with blues-y rock grooves. It’s an ode to a video store in Stouffville, Ontario where he used to rent movies and games because it represents an era that he misses greatly. He remembers walking into that dull beige 90s carpeted store to rent an N64 game to spend a fun weekend with friends.

We chatted with Matt below!

1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically? 

This song is me looking back at my early childhood, and for some reason, a little video store called ‘Video99’ on Main Street in Stouffville is what I feel represents my past the most vividly. There’s just something about the VHS era that makes me feel so nostalgic. I truly wish I could visit it again, but unfortunately it closed down a long time ago. That time in my life also holds a lot of trauma. Things that have stuck with me to this day.

On a brighter note, I felt this was a great song to visualize because… well… I plan on doing this for every upcoming release this year. I love to make music videos on a super low budget, and this song specifically was definitely asking to be made for zero dollars. Although I did buy new batteries for a camera, so maybe the budget was more like thirteen bucks. Anyways, making a video is just another opportunity to be creative, so why not?

2. What was the inspiration behind this video(visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

It’s a pretty experimental music video. Not much in terms of a narrative, but more than anything I just want the video to compliment the vibe/energy that radiates from the song. I just wanted to enhance the song so that when a certain moment hits, it hits even harder if you’re viewing the video accompaniment.

The song has this relatively dry feel where the drums are punchy and driving in an almost anxiety inducing way which sparked the idea that each shot, we’re going to be constantly pushing into things, moving forward or zooming, and at the end of each bar we pull back momentarily to throw it all off. This was a loose rule, as I just played around with it in the edit, but it’s generally the same concept throughout.

3. What was the process of making this video?

Pretty hectic. I was scrambling a week before release trying to figure out what I wanted the video to be. I just couldn’t come up with an idea. But then my coworker had this little shitty camcorder with a ton of 15 year old photos and videos, which kind of sparked the idea of, “hey, all these videos look absolutely terrible, and that’s awesome”. So I borrowed the camera and walked around the Humber River in Toronto capturing 3 second clips of me zooming in on everything that caught my attention immediately. Everything single shot made it into the video.

When it came time to edit, I realized that the shots of random stuff just wasn’t enough, so I recorded myself singing along to the song with my webcam and just slapped that over top some of the shots. Sometimes, it all just works out.

Fasullo also brought on his good friend and collaborator Janel Rae to do some harmonies and write an outro. He didn’t give her much context and gave her creative freedom to interpret the song in her own way, and she delivered some rather unsettling but incredible lyrics.


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