“I Got What I Got” Shows George Collins’ Skill as a Singer/Songwriter

George Collins’ new pop rock track “I Got What I Got” is a testament to the joys of gratitude and redemption. With a bluesy swagger reminiscent of Eric Clapton or Steely Dan, Collins draws on his experience as a screenwriter and novelist to craft literate and insightful narratives that are both thought-provoking and boldly vulnerable. The song is the first release from his upcoming sophomore EP, Songs for Grown-Ups.

George’s story is one of perseverance and determination. Having received his first guitar at the age of four, he pursued both guitar and piano throughout his childhood and beyond. However, in his late 20s, he encountered many older musicians who were unhappy with their lack of success and had fallen into toxic patterns with alcohol and drugs. Determined to avoid this fate, George pursued a successful career as an investment consultant and financial executive, but ultimately chose to leave it all behind to nurture his creative world and be a dedicated full-time parent after the birth of his first child in 2012.

“I Got What I Got” is a reflection on the journey of life and the importance of appreciating the good things that come our way. The song was inspired by a night of reminiscing with an old friend about their wild days in Prague in the early 1990s and how far they’ve come with the wonderful wives they married.

George explains: “’I Got What I Got’ is a song of gratitude for returning to life after a long time in the emotionally-barren wilderness, of finding redemption through the love of a perceptive and patient woman.”

The song’s catchy pop hooks, bluesy guitar riffs, and his soulful vocals make for a highly enjoyable listening experience that shows his unmistakable talents as a songwriter and musician and serves as a strong introduction to his upcoming EP.

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