Acapella Group, The RockNRoll Chorus, Share Their Original Work “Heaven in My Soul”

New Jersey’s own RockNRoll Chorus is an acapella group run by singer/songwriter and composer Joe Cantaffa. The RockNRoll Chorus launched its first tour and full length album, What They Didn’t Teach Us In School, in 2007 and since then have been blessed with amazingly talented singers and performers over more than 15 casts.

RNRC has performed with, and opened for, Bruce Springsteen, Darlene Love, Jacquie Lee, Judy Collins, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Jefferson Airplane, Foreigner, Kenny Loggins, The Chieftains, Classic Albums Live: Pink Floyd, The Wall, Willie Nile, Max Weinberg, Jay Leno, Danu, Jill Tirrell, The Chicago Children’s Choir, and many studio recordings as a guest choir.

The RockNRoll Chorus’ newest acapella song, “Heaven In My Soul,” is a moving and uplifting tribute to the power of love and the human spirit in the face of loss. The song, which speaks to the pain of losing a loved one and finding solace in memories and the support of others, is a testament to the power of music to heal and inspire.

The song’s opening notes immediately set the tone, with a haunting and soulful melody that sets the stage for the group’s signature harmonies to take center stage. As the song progresses, the lyrics evoke a sense of hope and optimism, celebrating the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

What is particularly striking about “Heaven In My Soul” is the sheer power and emotion that the RockNRoll Chorus is able to convey through their voices alone. The lack of instrumentation only serves to highlight the strength and beauty of the group’s vocal arrangements, which are nothing short of breathtaking.

This is a song that speaks to the heart, and one that is sure to resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced loss and the pain of grief. The RockNRoll Chorus has once again proven themselves to be among the most talented and innovative acapella groups working today, and “Heaven In My Soul” is a true masterpiece.

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