Star Goes Nova and Sonic Butterfly Collaborate with “Eye” Ahead of Spring Celebrations

Just in time for the Easter and Solstice holidays, Sonic Butterfly features Star Goes Nova in this moving spiritual piece. 

An unusual giant instrument, Sonic Butterfly is an acoustic harp with strings, at minimum 60ft long, that span out over the audience, transforming buildings and natural environments into a stunning, immersive musical instrument. Listeners describe it “like being inside YoYo Ma’s cello.”

Star Goes Nova, an electronica composer known for blending genres, in a feat of recording engineering, captures the giant harp and adds piano against a cathedral ambiance, creating images of a medieval Spring dance amongst the strings. 

Hear the newly awakened butterfly alight amongst the starburst of Easter, Solstice, May Day and all of the Spring celebrations.

“Eye” has a simple and hypnotic melody that builds up slowly with the addition of various layers of electronic beats and sounds, leading to a climactic and satisfying drop. The vocals are delicate and ethereal, adding a spiritual quality to the track. The lyrics are abstract and poetic, creating a sense of mystery and introspection.

The production of the song is impressive, with a great attention to detail and a careful balance between different elements. The electronic beats are crisp and dynamic, while the atmospheric sounds are immersive and transportive. The mix is clean and spacious, allowing each element to shine without overwhelming the others.

“I’ve always thought of myself as an intrinsic soul, finding meaning in space and time and thought,” says Star Goes Nova. “I create epic stories that combine real instruments with electronica, transcending past and future, told through my 115 year old piano, power drums and deep bass music. These sonic manifestations are empathic spaces to stargaze, gather personal power or share thoughts from other worlds.”

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