Paul Hodes and The Blue Buddha Band celebrate the release of their new CD
and digital stream “Turn This Ship Around” and the lead single “The Night I Met
John Lennon”.
The song is based on a stranger than fiction true story of when Paul bumped
into Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono at a New York City Party and
ended up spending the evening passing around a hash pipe!
Oh? Didn’t know that story? It’s ok, don’t feel like you’re too far behind the
bandwagon just yet.

What was long just a tightly held secret is now the plot to an engaging and fun
rock ‘n’ roll song.
Paul Hodes. Paul Hodes. Why does that name sound so familiar?
Could it be because of his tenure as a Member of Congress from New
Perhaps it’s due to his recent successes on radio and national podcast airwaves
on his suite of shows: “Beyond Politics” and “Balance of Power”.
Assuredly, you have never heard or seen a Congressman quite like this.
“When I saw the documentary “Get Back”, it reminded me of my “get back”
evening with rock star John Lennon, in an unscripted and unguarded moment.
The song “The Night I Met John Lennon” just emerged as both a memory and a
caution. You’ll hear about John, Yoko and even Andy Warhol! The Blue Buddha
Band, Jon Gabay on Bass, Dean Rubine on Keys and, Ed Raczka on Drums and I
spent the better part of a year recording our new album. We’re looking forward
to sharing our original material with audiences” Hodes said.
The Band debuted two sets of original material at The Capitol Center for The
Arts, Bank of New Hampshire Stage to an SRO crowd. “The Night I met John
Lennon” is climbing the Spotify charts. The Band is preparing to record a second
What do you get when you put together a Congressman, two mad scientists and
a jazz drummer? The Blue Buddha Band! The Band’s original sound fuses retro
rock, folk, roots and superb original song-writing into a powerful blend.
A night with The Blue Buddha is a riotous night of old-fashioned rock ’n’roll…a
full-tilt, high energy night of roots flavored 100 Proof Originals, Americana,
Blues and Psychedelia.
Lead by guitar-slinging former Congressman Paul Hodes, The Blue Buddha Band
features Bassist Jon Gabay, Dean Rubine on Keyboards, first call New England
drummer, Ed Raczka, and guest vocalist Peggo Horstmann Hodes.

The Band’s new 11 song album “Turn This Ship Around” features a true story
embodied in an upbeat and poignant single “The Night I Met John Lennon”.


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