The Flip Phones Release “Man-Made Moon” From Their Debut EP ‘Better In the Dark’

The folk rock duo The Flip Phones have released a new single, “Man-Made Moon,” from their EP Better in the Dark, streaming now. 

“Man-Made Moon” was inspired by an article about an artificial moon which was designed to help illuminate cities and light up the night sky. It is the lead single and opening to their debut EP, and gives a sense of what is to come with big lyrical themes, including topics such as humans versus nature, darkness versus light, and the mysteries of life. 

This track has a catchy indie rock rhythm, well crafted lyrics and captures the essence of The Flip Phones´ spirit. With light and catchy overtones, the song also has a slight nod to darkness with some melodica stylings. They tell stories from the world around us and help us to reflect on our own stories of life, loss and hope. 

Based in Arlington, VA, with Philadelphia roots, The Flip Phones have been writing and performing music together since 2008 and were previously known as the “GLEs”. The band includes Lindsey on keyboard, vocals, flute and melodica and Ryan on guitar and vocals. 

Their new EP, Better in the Dark, is a 6 song EP which explores adventuring and homecoming, and asks reflective questions in hopes that listeners will better understand the world around them. Better in the Dark charts the story of a young couple who first connect in the city, and then begin exploring the world together as they draw inspiration from their life experiences and people around them. 

“We finished these songs just as the world was descending into the uncertainty of the pandemic,” shares the duo. “But stories of resilience emerged amid the gloom, revealing splendor despite sorrow. Light and darkness are inextricably linked.”

Stay current with The Flip Phones on their Website and social media channels Instagram , Twitter and Facebook Stream music on YouTube and Spotify.


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