Exclusive Premiere: Slim Sly Slender’s “Black Charger” is Fun and Dynamic

The Maryland-based visual artist turned singer/songwriter Slim Sly Slender is a powerful creative mind who has been part of the art world for as long as he can remember. His work has been featured in countless group and solo exhibits and was inspired to start his music career after experiencing a warehouse jam session. His musical style is brit-pop inspired pop rock with a vibrance in style you won’t find anywhere else.

He just released his new single “Black Charger” from his upcoming album Pay to Play. It’s an interesting mash up between folk, hip-hop, and pop-rock. It’s almost like a Beastie Boys meets George Benson with the horns and the fast lyrics and upbeat tone and like Macklemore in the dynamic lyrics and playfulness. 

“I wrote that while driving—every time I would see an angry and aggressive driver, they were always driving a black Charger,” shares Slim. The song is anything but aggressive, however. It’s more fun and playful, bringing some light to a frustrating situation. It’s a light song that brings some happiness to your day.

Listen here:

“I do this because I love it,” he says. “Music is unlike visual art because when a person buys a painting, they put it on a wall, and only they and their friends can enjoy the piece of art. Music is for everybody. I love sharing it, and I’m excited to get this album out there in front of more people.”

Find Slim Sly Slender via:
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