Cary Morin Puts an Americana Spin on His Cover of “Goin’ Down South”

Cary Morin is by far one of the most impressive guitar players you’ll ever encounter. He wonderfully marries the varied musical traditions and styles of America defined by his fingerpicking style and sultry voice that conveys grit and elation. He characterizes his style as roots-infused Native Americana with hints of bluegrass, folk, blues, and rock.

Cary just released his cover of R.L. Burnside’s blues rock song “Goin’ Down South” with his band Cary Morin and Ghost Dog. Their rendition withholds the blues rock style of Burnside, but includes a folk and roots rock sound. Their version of “Goin’ Down South” has a Bob Dylan meets The Allman Brothers kind of vibe. Their hook and accompanying melody is catchy. You find yourself instantly dancing along.

It’s no wonder Cary Morin has so many accolades. “Goin’ Down South” is exactly what you want in a cover song; it stays true to the bones of the original song while also giving it an artistic spin that’s unique to the cover artist. Cary Morin and Ghost Dog’s version is uniquely Cary Morin. The roots rock and blues is what makes their sound so special.

Listen here:

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