Sophia Fracassi Debuts “I Lied”

Sophia Fracassi has always turned to music to ride out life’s storms. The Canadian singer and songwriter is just 18 years old, but her voice is direct and confident, indicative of someone who has dedicated her whole life to her art. Her lyrics come from exactly where she is: in the middle of trial and error. The intensity of a first love – and the heartbreak that came with it – helped gift her the perspective she is now repurposing in her music as she broaches adulthood and chases her dreams.

Through her transparent new single “I Lied,” Sophia validates that “it’s okay not to know what to do next, it’s okay not to be sure who to trust, or if you can even fully trust yourself. This song was written from the centre of the storm, but I got out, and I want every listener to know there is always, always hope, so long as you choose it.”


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