Matt Epp Reveals Bold Single “Made For Love

For over a decade, international touring artist and award-winning songwriter Matt Epp has been the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian prairies, who has won the admiration of an audience that spans the globe.

His new single, “Made For Love” was written on a bright, sunny day last winter. While Matt was staying at a friend’s converted old rural church dubbed “the Art Church,” sunlight was streaming through the tall stained glass windows in the chapel. 

“I remember spinning around the room, playing 12-string guitar and smiling so big and laughing as I played,” said Matt. “The song came out so quickly – I didn’t think twice about any lyric – they just came out the way that they did. The process was so fun and inspired that I didn’t want to change a thing about it when I did the final recording.”


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