Dear Midnight Reveals Their Debut Electronic Pop and Downtempo Single “Fool’s Gold”

Dear Midnight is the San Francisco-based electronic music duo, who formed in 2020. The frontwoman, Jessa Callen, is a conservatory trained songwriter and harpist and has worked on productions such as Mozart in the Jungle, Bel Canto, and Confessions of a Shopaholic as well as a Cordless Recordings (Warner) artist with her group The Callen Sisters.

Dear Midnight blends wordsmithing with jazz harmony and electronic grooves to create songs that speak to the heart and soul of issues like the un-reality of social media, temptation, opioid addiction, and unconditional love. Both versatile multi-instrumentalists, they wrote and recorded their debut EP, Siren Song, in their home studio, combining 90’s trip-hop with electro-pop sensibilities, filtered through the lens of a singer-songwriter.

Their newest song from Siren Song was just released, entitled “Fool’s Gold.” This electronic pop and downtempo song has the sense and stylings of a singer/songwriter in the way it’s structured and performed. “Fool’s Gold” has a strong Tori Amos vibe throughout with a Goldfrapp or Massive Attack influence on the overall electronic sound. Jessa’s vocals are entrancing and the beat and melody makes you want to sway your body.

“Fool’s Gold explores the trope ‘all that glitters is not gold,’ concluding that things are not always as they seem and that beneath a glamorous façade there could be something else entirely,” shares Jessa. It’s a deep reminder that being so trusting can get you in trouble or cause pain.

Listen here:

Fool’s Gold is the band’s debut single from their upcoming EP, Siren Song, set for release on May 20th, 2022.

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