EDM and DJ Duo, All of the Above, Premiere New Single “Inside My Head”

Jay and Sofia make up the DJ and electronic producing duo All of the Above, or AOTA. The Southern California duo is carving out a spot within the industry with their quality productions and groove-filled performances. With a musical background ranging from rock to metal, AOTA have crossed into the EDM genre to deliver a dynamic style and sound. With every release, the SoCal natives will have listeners engulfed into the world they create with atmospheric productions. 

AOTA wouldn’t exist without Sofia, who pushes their musical boundaries. She’s dabbled in a few musical projects, ranging from drumming to guitar work. Her love for EDM and rock is what makes AOTA what it is. Jay brings in his own style and influence, with a love for EDM and Metal music. This influence is what gives Jay a different perspective on their music and what provides him a unique sound and style for creating and playing their music. 

The recently released their newest single, “Inside My Head,” an EDM and tech house single that makes one feel at ease and calm. Unlike some of their other songs, “Inside My Head” isn’t meant to get one feeling hyped in the traditional sense of the word. Instead of increasing your energy for a party or rave, this song wants you to be mindful instead.

“Inside My Head” sustains a beat the whole time with occasional electronic riffs here and there. When the song gets to its climax, we hear “inside my head,” the only words in the song. While you may not hear this song at a rave, it shows AOTA’s musical range and their ability to explore sounds and styles. “’Inside My Head’ was inspired by the two and a half years of the pandemic where it was difficult to see friends and family and the toll it took on our mental health and fortitude,” shares AOTA. “Being unable to socialize in person and with the weight of worldy issues, politics, and personal matters, it became easy to feel trapped in a prison inside my head.”

Listen to “Inside My Head” here:

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