Clever Hopes Comes Alive on “Artefact”

While directing the musical Once in Montréal, Andrew Shaver and Eva Foote began a beautiful friendship and musical collaboration. After splitting with his girlfriend, Shaver hit the highway and called his buddy Matthew Barber as he drove to Toronto. This was the beginning of a new chapter for Shaver that would see him bounce around a few winter sublets before heading to Australia to – as a buddy so wisely suggested – flip his chi. 

Produced by Barber, Artefact, Shaver’s new album out January 20th, chronicles the journey of that flip. Clever Hopes was born when he got back to Canada and played those songs for Foote. Stream Artefact in full:

The LP’s latest single, “The Other Side,” refers to going to the other side of the world in an attempt to get some perspective – giving space for the other side of the story that took you there in doing so. 


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