YV Ministry Uses Music as a Spiritual Tool of Love and Connection

C-Aye and Kelley Nicole are the musical duo that makes up YV Ministry, born out of their musical worship work at Covenant Blessing Fellowship (CBF) in Wilmington, CA. While they’re a Christian duo, hoping to spread God’s love and feeling His spirit through music, these two accomplished artists have years of musical experience under their belts. C-Aye has worked for or shared the stage with such acclaimed producers and artists as Aaron Lindsey, Pop/R&B group All-4-One, Poo Bear, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Claude Deuce, Twinkie Clark, India.Arie, Hip-Hop and R&B hit writers Nate Dogg, Devine Evans, David “DQ” Quiñones, and more. As for Kelley Nicole, she was once a lead vocalist for the critically-acclaimed Afro-funk band, Soulfège, and has performed around the world. She’s even shared the stage with renowned artists Bobby McFerrin and El Debarge.

Their new single, “Glory and Honor,” is an R&B gospel and worship song with a message of love and spirituality. It was in a time of prayer that the song came to C-Aye. “I was thinking about the principle of keeping yourself focused on glorifying God, and if the work that you’re trying to do in life is honoring God, it keeps you on the path of that perspective. The perspective that glory & honor belong to God. The more we put effort into other stuff, the easier we split into distraction and the like,” says C-Aye. The overall message: life is simple when you stay focused on giving Glory & Honor to the one and only God.

“Glory and Honor” was a collaboration with the amazing Trey McLaughlin, a vocalist, producer, composer, and educator. He recognizes the beauty and fusing of sounds and genres to everyone a unique experience.

Listen here:

C-Aye’s musical journey began around age 11, when he first got involved with the music ministry in his home town of Augusta, GA. Thrown into the fire as he often says, he was a sought after music ministry leader at a young age, having either played for or led several music ministries “Some kind of way I got fascinated by piano,” says C-Aye. “I was so young it’s tough to remember. There was a lady that came to my elementary school and she had kiddie instruments and I remember being fascinated by it and really enjoying it. I started taking lessons. And pretty much any chance I got to make music I took it. Band, competitions at school, etc.” As he got older he had different experiences with people showing him technology and as he learned more about that he fell in love with production & engineering. When he moved to LA he moved with a bunch of people that had gone to the Berklee School of Music, and he learned that he didn’t know quite as much as he thought he did! That was the beginning of what he calls his “professional awakening.”

Kelley Nicole started playing piano in 1st grade in Teanack, New Jersey, but really fell in love with music and singing around the 4th grade when she surprised even herself by taking on the lead in a school play. She realized how important an outlet singing was for her, a girl who was pretty shy and found it hard to express herself fully to others. Regardless of that love however, academics and athletics were the focus for her in high school and she eventually was admitted to Harvard University. Most folks see Harvard as a place that develops people’s career interests in the law, medicine, or business. For Kelley Nicole, her love for music was rekindled and grew even bigger during her tenure there. It was in her senior year that she decided she needed to make music her career, someway or somehow. She was able to become a lead vocalist of the Afro-funk band, Soulfège. At one point, the group had one of the top 5 music videos in the country of Ghana, joining the likes of Usher and Beyonce at the time. Soulfege had a management opportunity in Los Angeles, which brought Kelley Nicole to LA, where she met C-Aye, at Covenant Blessing, where she had to audition for him.

That meeting sparked a life-long friendship. When Kelley Nicole decided to leave Soulfège, C-Aye helped her kick-start her solo work. Now together, using music as their chosen vessel, Kelley Nicole and C-Aye’s vision is to make YV Ministry a space where anyone can surrender themselves to the presence of God, and feel comforted, confident, and empowered by His everlasting love, covering, and supernatural guidance.

You can find YV Ministry via:
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