Daniel James McFadyen Makes Strong Debut with “August, I’m Yours”

Singer-songwriter Daniel James McFadyen began his musical journey by playing at small, bustling pubs in and around the Annapolis Valley. After touring Nova Scotia extensively in 2019, Daniel’s music began to gain publicity and popularity. His upbeat and captivating storytelling mixed with his interactive performances has made him a crowd favourite across the province.

Daniel’s debut album “August, I’m Yours” was released earlier this month. 

“On this fog filled morning, the smell of leaves fill your throat, I saw you leaving you took your bag and you took your coat” 

These are Daniel’s favourite lyrics from the album. He expands below:

“I think that these lines sum up the feeling of the end of summer. There’s a new smell in the air and everything feels a bit crisper. You can start to see your breath and there’s a sense of abandonment. Summer always goes by so quickly in Canada and you always feel that you didn’t take advantage of the time you had.”


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