Courtney Cotter King’s “Big Strong Man” is a Big Strong Song! 

Big Strong Man is the new single out by Courtney Cotter King and it is a playful tribute to masculinity. This song creates a lovely backdrop for femininity. “Light as a feather, when we’re together” is how she feels against his “gentle giant, nice grizzly bear” frame. Syncopated percussion, flirty echos and horns resembling early Fiona Apple, set the scene for Courtney’s vocal personality to come through in this jazzy number. Ultimately written for her tall, handsome husband; Courtney hopes it can boost a lot of guys out there and promote brands that serve the individual strengths of women and men.

The song keeps the same tone throughout which provides a whimsical feel of being next to this “big strong man” with a fireplace roaring in the background while sipping wine.

Courtney was born with the piano as an appendage, and is inevitably attached to the keys. Her artistry drives her blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre. Courtney is a mom of 3 under the age of 5. She hopes to inspire moms that creativity doesn’t have to stop when kids are created. She humorously balances gigging with nursing and finger painting with songwriting. “Marriage and motherhood has opened me to songs I could have never written without these sweet souls in my life.”

We look forward to more inspiration from this indie artist.


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