Scenic Route to Alaska Continue to Heat Up the Summer

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Substance and accessibility. They’re often considered opposing forces when it comes to pop music, making it all the more impressive when a band like Scenic Route to Alaska so effortlessly delivers ample doses of both. The Edmonton-based indie pop trio have dropped two acclaimed LPs that weave memorable melodies and catchy vocals through compelling, musically-rich arrangements.

Their recently released single “Closer” is the newest off their upcoming album Time For Yourself. This song revisits their roots with a more organic, unfiltered take on their now-signature sound.

The heralded Edmonton-based indie pop trio – Trevor Mann on lead vocals and guitar, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood – have worked tirelessly scaling the summit of the Canadian and international music scenes. They dropped two acclaimed LPs – 2018’s Tough Luck and 2016’s Long Walk Home – that weave memorable melodies and catchy vocals through compelling, musically-rich arrangements and earned a slew of awards and accolades on their backs. They’ve toured relentlessly across North America, Europe, and Australia and have seen their global fanbase grow exponentially with each amplified chord.
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Emi Jean Shares Insightful Release

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Emi Jeen’s songs tell a tale – at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful. The Montreal singer/songwriter recently shared the second single from her upcoming EP which is due later this year. “West Of The Blue” showcases Emi’s raw and emotional vocals over an evocative, catchy pop track.


Jessa Goes into “Airplane Mode”

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Having already made a name for herself through her signature rhythmic and harmonically adventurous art pop, Jessica Stuart joined forces with producers Robyn Dell’Unto (LU KALA, Good Lovelies etc.) and Devon Henderson (Valery Gore, Running Red Lights etc.) to become JESSA, smashing layers of playful guitars and vocals into an indie-pop package, singing about trying to keep the joy in everyday life while navigating the world and all of its curve-balls.


JESSA’s newest single “Airplane Mode” comes ahead of the project’s debut full length, Simple Songs, out September 2020. JESSA wanted the track to have a laidback summertime vibe and to tell a story many of us can relate to about what it feels like at the beginning of a new romance.


The Accents Reveal Crisp New Release

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What began as a collaborative passion project between Mathijs Kriebel + Rich Weller, two like-minded creatives, turned into something much more substantial, refined and recognized as something that needed to be pursued as a full-time project. With that, The Accents were born; an infectious blend of electronic indie-pop gliding through a reel of Ektachrome vintage film before hitting your ears.


Good things take time to develop and The Accent’s forthcoming Still On Film EP is no exception. Co-produced by Mike Brandolino (of rising Canadian indie-pop group Valley), the EP is a collection of stories navigating self-doubt set to shimmery synth lines and punchy samples that weave in and out of driving 808 beats.


Still On Film’s first single, “Life In A Video,” explores the strands of uncertainty we have within ourselves and how living life through old formats could make for an easier experience.


Catch “Life In A Video” on SoundCloud + watch the accompanying visuals on YouTube, as well!


Chemical Dreams Cozy Up with “Look to the Moon”

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Chemical Dreams was started by Martha Johnson of Martha and the Muffins as a creative outlet for her and her partner Mark Gane as well as other artistic people they know and those they haven’t met yet.


Look to the Moon,” the new single from Chemical Dreams, is a collaboration with John Orpheus that can best be described as a pan-cultural summer driving song.
A while back, Johnson was having trouble sleeping so she decided that, instead of wasting the night away staring at the ceiling, she’d get up and write songs. Several nocturnal explorations later, she came up with this new entity called Chemical Dreams. Johnson and Gane agree that, “The music should speak for itself. We don’t want the past to define the music of Chemical Dreams. Chemical Dreams is what it becomes.” Their new single, Look To The Moon, is a collaboration with John Orpheus and is described as “a pan-cultural summer driving song”!
The project is as unpredictable as your dreams will be tonight. There is no set theme or style and, like dreams, a song can come out of the blue from somewhere beyond their imagination.


Video Voyager: 3 Q’s from International Show

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International Show is an amazing producer and artist based in Boston, MA. With years of experience in the industry and trials and tribulations that led to a spiritual awakening he has now dedicated his life to educating youth and bringing Christian music to a more mainstream audience. With a remarkable flow and incredibly production, we certainly think he’s right on track! Read more to find out about the process of creating the video for his latest release “Rise” featuring The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

We wanted to capture the isolation that many people are feeling in the current pandemic. When I thought of Rise, I think of being above the clouds and just gaining momentum. Airplanes use that momentum to rise and fly above everything. So we wanted to tie that to the various emotions that COVID has forced us to feel, and remind everyone that you can remain strong and rise above all the weight that tries to keep us on the ground.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

A main thing i wanted to be focused on was showing homage/gratitude to the frontliners and remind them that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed. I also wanted to provide some encouragement to those who don’t know how to channel how they feel about the current times, and offer an alternative to the negative reports we see on the news which can be overwhelming. When we supporting each other we all are moving forward and hope is possible.

What was the process of making this video?

We had to find a desolate place that had a big open feeling. This place put us in the vibe of social distancing because it was so empty. Also the drone gave the aerial views that simulate a “take-off” feeling, which was intentional to help the viewers feel empowered that their view is truly changing when you shift your thoughts. My videographer ( IG: @shotbytanj) is so creative and the slo-mo and smoke give the dramatic effect that channels the emotions that many are feeling at this time.

Check out “Rise” below:

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