Lara Taubman Shares a “Revelation”

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After a career as a writer and curator for the visual arts, Lara Taubman has switched gears by diving into the performing arts. Taubman’s debut album Revelation, released July 10, encompasses intimacy, heartbreak, and the lessons learned throughout the trials and tribulations of life. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s powerful. 


Throughout the album, you can hear elements of influence from Joni Mitchell to Leonard Cohen. Revelation perfectly blends Taubman’s folk and Americana roots with the eloquent and moving words of a seasoned poet. She takes us on a journey that many of us can relate to: the cycle of loving someone, getting our heart broken, and learning how to live and love again in the aftermath. 


In the first track on the album, “Sound of Heartbreak,” we hear Taubman, accompanied by acoustics, recalling her lost love. She croons: “Is there solace in any place, where love never goes to waste?,” a melancholy reflection on the emotional toll a severed relationship takes on a person. Her soft, yet compelling voice is a signal of strength and healing on this track. The following track, “Desert Boy,” is a romantic ballad and ode to another love that may never have closure. As the album progresses, we meet a catchy bassline in “Hookup.” “Was it just a hookup? Didn’t you feel my heart?,” explores the oftentimes confusing experience of unrequited feelings in a fleeting relationship. 


The album ends with the title track, ‘Revelation,’ where we see the culmination of Taubman’s emotional crusade. She has loved, and she has lost, but she has made it through to the other side with a deeper appreciation for herself and the value that she holds. Self love: that’s what it’s all about.  

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Mohamed Assani Shares Eclectic Release, “Wayfinder”

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Award-winning sitarist and composer Mohamed Assani paints a vivid sonic landscape through captivating rhythms and the intricate plucking of his sitar strings on his second album, “Wayfinder.”

The Vancouver-based musician has spent years pushing past barriers to create innovative and genre-bending music grounded in classical Indian and Hindustani musical tradition. Assani studied Western Classical and World music at Dartington College of Arts in England, after which he honed in on classical sitar and began performing and composing around the world. As a current teacher of Indian Music at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music, Mohamed Assani continues to inspire musical innovation in connection with traditional Indian roots to expand the boundaries of World music and teach young people to do the same with creativity and passion.

“Wayfinder,” Assani’s first album since his 2011 debut record “Spirit of Tradition,” is a seven-track journey through many styles of music and moods. Each track serves as a navigational step within the album’s vibrant spirit of musical discovery. “Black Sugar” highlights Assani’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional Indian music with modern hip hop and R&B elements as he layers a dreamy sitar over a hard-hitting rap beat, making the listener want to sink into one’s chair and dance at the same time. Assani heads in a softer direction in “Lullaby For Guli,” which lulls one not quite into sleep, but rather into a contemplative and serene state of being; the leading violin’s melody guides the listener smoothly through the track.

Mohamed Assani compels and captivates on “Wayfinder,” elevating his music to an almost spiritual plane. We will gladly let Assani pave the way for us listeners to embark on this journey with him, our wayfinder.



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Mikoh Shares Dreamy Single “La la Land”

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Mikoh, a French-Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, creates hypnotizing sonic textures shaped by a lifelong classical training in music. Her arrangements are evocative, hypnagogic and reflective, springing forth from her mind in the wake of a tumultuous coming-of-age. 

“La la Land”, Mikoh’s latest single from the “Strange Lullabies” project is dark and dramatic. The new track reflects Mikoh’s interpretation of social media’s impact on our online culture as well as our real lives.


Silk Tonic Ignite with Latest Track

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Silk Tonic is an indie-pop band from the outskirts of Montreal composed of two childhood friends that have been playing music together for as long as they can remember. Matthew Brouillet, being the lead singer and drummer, alongside Mark Hodges, the lead guitarist and bassist.

They started off in a band called OneFortySeven from 2017 to 2019, and in 2020, decided it was time to start their own project: Silk Tonic. Their purpose is to share their love for music in the hopes that it will bring to others the same joy it brings them.


Their recently released debut single, “Summer Time,” describes the feeling of meeting that special someone for the first time, when you struggle to keep your composure and feel overwhelmed by your emotions. It relates to the euphoria of being love struck.

Smoothe Hours Share Sultry New Single

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The melodic chemistry of Toronto-based duo Smoothe Hours (Shawn Dawn and Ty Dawn) is sparked by the curious nature of things that transpire after dark. Paired with moody chord progressions and pads fused with R&B and trap production, their sound uniquely personifies the often sexy and sometimes suspicious doings of the night.


The new single, “Red Room,” conveys the seriousness of love, creating passion and intimacy, and the natural desire to seek sexual fulfilment. Sending out an invite to the Red Room can be compared to a primal instinct of human nature – the mating call.


Family of Things Heat Up the Summer with New Release

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Family of Things (FOT) is an indie band based out of Hamilton, Ontario. The unique sound of music partners Aaron Brown and Bradley Barnham combines sensitive songwriting, boundless vocals, rhythmic integrity and quality production.


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The duo self-released their debut EP in the fall of 2016 with producer/friend, Peter Mol. The EP gained instant support and media coverage (CBC, Indie Shuffle, Hype Machine and more), seeing over 750,000 Spotify streams, topping playlists for New Music Friday and Indie Allstars, among others. With a few years under their belt, and a better sense of direction, Brad and Aaron moved their studio up north to a family cottage with Peter to collaborate on their first full-length record, during which time they signed a publishing deal with Seattle-based Luna Music Group. Family of Things has joined the Paquin Entertainment team, and has had the privilege of sharing stages with acts such as Tame Impala, Born Ruffians, Bad Bad Not Good and many others.