Jacquie Drew Releases Brand New Single “Affliction”

Two words describe Jacquie Drew’s latest single “Affliction” best – soft and strong. Although these seem a bit oxymoronic, there is no better definition. To the listener’s ear, the instrumentation and Jacquie’s voice are unbelievably soothing; however when one dials into the lyricism, “I wouldn’t say you’re an addiction ‘cause I don’t want a cure” it’s clear the content Drew is discussing is a deep pull and longing for her love. The powerful word choice shows just how intense these feelings run for Drew. It really is a wonderfully conflicting universe she creates between content and soundscape.

Songs like “Affliction” are a breath of fresh air in modern music due to their rawness. This track is a cleverly arranged masterpiece with a mix of modern folk and a nostalgic sound similar to Fleetwood Mac. Drew did an amazing job preserving the organic beauty by not over saturating the original recording with modern effects.

According to Jacquie, “Affliction asks about commitment – whether one should plunge into something fully, or continue hanging on by the edge. It can be interpreted as a relationship with a person or with a passion, and the similarity between the two.”

Listen to “Affliction” below:

One thought on “Jacquie Drew Releases Brand New Single “Affliction”

  1. Hello Jane! Thank you for such a thoughtful and thorough review; you really nailed where I was coming from on the songwriting, and I am so glad you liked the production too; Steve Dawson is a wizard! I have had many reviews in the past- but none so poignant. Thanks again, Jane! Sincerely, Jacquie

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