Here She Comes to Save the Day: Meet Fí

cover final 2 (1)
Fí is here to stay….and we are head over heels. The artist, based in Dublin, Mullingar to be exact, has outdone herself once again with a small re-invention of herself. Her latest single comes to us in the form of “All I Have,” a banger of a track that shows Fí”s true heart and soul that goes into her music. For those who adore artists such as Lorde, Tove Lo and Halsey, Fí’ is about to be your favorite new artist.
She shares with the world of the song:
“All I Have’ was written a year and a half ago and was mid during a writing session was introduced. The song’s production is to make it feel like a memory; the choppy weird vocals, with a real voice memo at the start and countless references to the past, Christmas, sweater, unanswered questions and just the feelings of excitement, which is commonplace when you first meet someone. There’s all those emotions after something ends but this not a ‘hate you’ song, it’s more a song about realizing it takes time to get over things and sometimes you’re always going to have those memories and reminders that you’ll miss. Sometimes you do not get the answers you want and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise.”
“All I Have,” is an epic endeavor that brings the spirit of her music to life. We were instantly drawn in by her dreamy vocals, and heartfelt songwriting that blends perfectly with the instrumentation of the track. Deemed an indie pop darling from fans and critics alike,  Fí’ will take you on quite a journey that will have you craving more.

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