KilCool Shares Epic New LP

KilCool is one of the most infectious musical acts that has come across our ears in a long time. The New York based act has just released a phenomenal new album that needs to be on your radar, and NOW.
The record, released late August, is the perfectly titled  “Low Tide.” The release is truly a labor of blood, sweat and tears from start to finish as each song has you diving in a bit deeper to noteworthy collection of songs. KilCool is a man of many hats; he sings, produces and DJs as well.
His influences ranging from James Blake to Common to Kanye West.The official first full length, each song stands prominently on it’s own while blending together for a blissful meeting of instrumentation and melodies.
Tracks like “Insecurities” remind us a bit of artists like Toro y Moi while “My Terms,” is filled with retro laced beats.
From start to finish “Low Tide” is the new sound of the future…and it is glorious. KilCool is definitely our favorite new discovery of 2019.
Listen to the record here:

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