The Nadas Pen Inspiring Song, “Henry James”


The Nadas have penned a heartfelt song titled “Henry James,” about band member Mike Butterworth’s son who was diagnosed with autism. The touching song will hit home with many who can relate to his journey with Henry James. It was a long journey for Mike and his family before Henry was officially diagnosed, but together the family has become stronger. The piece is gorgeously crafted as Butterworth brings his personal experience to the forefront, connecting with families and loved ones who seek support and peace of mind.

Butterworth says of the song and experience:
“I worry sometimes about the future.  What happens when he is too big for his mom to handle when he throws a tantrum and comes after her?  What happens when we are gone? Will he be able to live on his own or at least in some way contribute to society?  I don’t know. What I do know is that when things are bad they are very very bad. When things are good they are very very good and we celebrate even the smallest of victories…  What I do know is I wouldn’t want Henry James any other way than exactly how he is. What I do know is “there is nothing wrong with this kid, he will get there. I’ll be patient” What I do know is that he is my very best friend and an inspiration, and I’ll try my best every day to make sure that his life doesn’t end up lame.  That sounds like it could be a song……oh wait it is.”

Hailing from Iowa, the Americana-laced group are providing inspiration as they share their journey not only on a musical level, but a personal one as well. With a stunning 11-records into their career, their latest, One Louder, is their strongest to date. Give a listen to “Henry James,” and dive deep into the inspirational journey that the band has shared.

Listen to “Henry James,” here: 
Find The Nadas via:

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