Andrew Reed is Timeless on New Record


Americana artist Andrew Reed is off to a running start in 2018 with his new album “If All the World Were RIght.” With influences ranging from Tom Petty to the Moody Blues, his brillant perspective on a vintage sound takes center stage with a release full of surprises. Reed started things off with his enticing new video for “Carolina in the Morning,” which has listeners falling head over heel for the artist. His knack for writing songs that bare his heart and soul, bring conversation and love to the table. Each song acts as a journey on the record which dives deeper into his storytelling elements that flow throughout. As each song stands prominently on their own, coming together to create a collection that is cohesive and noteworthy, I found myself quickly falling in love with “Where She Goes,” and “Cure My Mind.” Andrew Reed is bound for great things, and we’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly listening.


Watch the video for “Carolina in the Morning”, on Youtube
Find Andrew Reed Online!

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