Billy Crain Gets Real on New Release

Billy Crain entices with his ambitious new record “Broken Things.” The legend who has spent time playing alongside the likes of the Allman Brothers and ZZ Top to name a few, is a stand out act in his own right. On the album we hear an artist that is writing and playing music on his own terms. Each piece is crafted perfectly to blend. Filled with slick guitar riffs and memorable vocals, Crain does an exceptional job of painting his lyrics on a musical canvas.
Each one of the songs on the record stand out on their own, creating a listening experience you will not soon forget. He breaks barriers and weaves witty instrumentation throughout and he brings a whole new meaning to Southern Roots Rock. From pieces such as “Orphan” and “Rock Paper Scissors,” he breathes a charming life into the songs. Crain knows no boundaries and constantly pushes the barrier with a bit of Southern charm in tow. Is it too early to say “Broken Things,” is on my favorites list in the new year?

Be sure to pick up the record digitally and physically on CD Baby:

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