Lights & Bridges Unleash “Tears of Gold”


A bold track as we enter the New Year, buzz artist Lights & Bridges share the ambitious new single for “Tears of Gold.” The brainchild of musician Tom Rossi, the piece is taken from his new EP, which is equally as intriguing. Lights & Bridges weave beauty throughout the track, as the composition is gorgeously structured and equally enticing. The all-instrumental piece shows the essence of Rossi and his art, as he showcases his skills firmly as a multi-instrumentalist. Throughout the track we get a strong sense of Rossi as an artist as he brings the Lights & Bridges name to life. On the heels of 2018, the upcoming year is sure to be a big one for Lights & Bridges, and we are excited to hear what the mysterious act has to offer up next.


Listen to “Tears of Gold,” here:

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