Fox in Oil “Rise and Fall” On New Single



Hailing from Russia, pop-rock group Fox in Oil create a stir once again with their new single “Rise and Fall.” The follow up to their late Summer single, the critically acclaimed, “Madness,” the group combines intense lyricism and and budding instrumentation to construct a sound that is truly their own. Spearheaded by songwriter and vocalist, Daria Manakova, the young artist at barely 15, is a phenomenal force behind the Fox in Oil sound. Their sleek and sultry production have us craving more, and we can’t wait to hear what they have coming down the line next.

Listen to the new track, here:


Kailee Morgue Shared the Witty “Medusa”


Kailee Morgue has recently released the infectious new single “Medusa,” for our listening pleasure. The budding alt-songstress is enticing with vocals and lyricism that will send chills down your spine. A haunting and epic song that shows her talent as both a songwriter and performer, the artist was destined for success even before the song was fully finished. Catching the ears of many, she makes her major label debut with the stellar piece. At only 19-years of age, Morgue is talented and wise beyond her years; giving her an eclectic sound that has us begging for more.


Give a listen to the track, here:

The Winter Sounds Release “Heartbeats”


The Winter Sounds are back and better than ever as they head into their 4th record release. Unleashing their eye-catching new video for “Heartbeats,” late this Summer, the band shows no sign of slowing down. In January we will see the release of their record “Maximum Reality” which takes their music to new heights. With big name production pros behind them, the result is seductive and full of indie pop flare. Take a look below at their latest single and video for “Heartbeats,” and hear for yourself what has everyone talking!


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SYBS Gives Us “Motivation”


SYBS is in action with their new single for “Motivation.” The duo of pro-basketball player Ugona Onyekwe and his sister Dobi,  bring an enticing and tribal sound to the table. Adding a bit of Pop flavor into the mix, their unique and bold sound bring out a lively and harmonious piece. The track tells a prominent story from start to finish; baring the soul of SYBS. Their intense instrumentation and noteworthy lyricism makes them a group to add to your favorite new artist list.

Listen to “Motivation” here:

Emil 13 Unleashes “The Jump!”


Hip Hop artist Emil 13 has been making waves with his new single “The Jump!” Smooth lyricism and noteworthy beats bring the song alive which brings an enticing new song to the table. Taking over the mic at an early age, Emil 13 started to get the bug for the artistic form in high school as he often created rhymes in his friend’s basement. Taken from his upcoming album, “The Jump,” the title track provides a perfect first glimpse into what he has to offer. Be on the lookout!


Listen to the track, here:​ 


Trace Releases Enticing New Single for Fall

trace cover

Trace has recently launched her new single “You Don’t Know Me.” A perfect song for a chilly Autumn day, she sounds like an angel on the track. Her sultry and seductive voice recalls modern day artists such as Lana Del Rey. Trace’s beautiful and harmonious vocal work floats throughout the track, making the piece a song to remember. The follow up to, “LOW,” which was released late last Summer, Trace is making waves in a big way.