Things Are About to Get Eerie: Broken Quote Releases “Ghost Crowd”

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, the multi-instrumentalist and producer, David Schrier, known as Broken Quote, has had a penchant for creating music ever since he was a child.  He would write song lyrics in his head and connect them to the contours and textures his active mind would present–well before ever learning any theory,scales or even touching a key. This is evident on his stunning track, “Ghost Crowd,” off his most recent EP, Foreshadowing Sunlight.
Citing a musical inspiration list that includes Eyedea, Bjork, Beck, Radiohead,John Cage and Parliament Funkadelic among many others,that varied outlook bleeds into his music, an amalgam of styles and genres that is constantly evolving, changing and growing; he is a literal one man band who improvises aspects of his live sets making a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed. While labeling Broken Quotes’ sound is nearly impossible,there’s a strong link between elements found in Electro Rock, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz and Ambient Funk. Check out your new favorite track “Ghost Crowd,” below.
BROKEN QUOTE: “Ghost Crowd

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