Hot Sugar Releases New Single, “Don’t Cut Down My Tree”


Nick Koenig, known better as the beat wizard Hot Sugar, continues to prove why he’s becoming one of the most exciting up-and-coming producers- dropping another new track that shows his eclectic range and style. “Don’t Cut Down My Tree” is both a grimy, in-your-face banger of a track, as well as being a meticulously arranged IDM composition.

Dame Dash’s Creative Control recently caught up with Nick to document his unique process of making beats and capture his charmingly awkward sense of humor.  Click HERE to watch Koenig in action (and note that all the sounds used in this video were recorded live at this session.)

“Don’t Cut Down My Tree” is the fourth taste of Hot Sugar’s forthcoming free digital EP, Muscle Milk, which Koenig will be releasing early next year.  The other tracks, “Color Wars,” “The Seagull,” and “Fuckable” are streaming now on Hot Sugar’s press page.

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