The Luyas Are ‘Too Beautiful To Work’

Canadian futuristic pop group, The Luyas, have outdone themselves with a masterpiece in Too Beautiful To Work.  Their debut album will be released on February 22nd on the Dead Oceans label. 

Band mates Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Pietro Amatro and Stefan Scheider have incorporated the use of some unique instruments like a French horn and a 12-string electric zither called a Moodswinger to bring their sound into the space-age pop sound they’ve developed while Jessie’s voice adds to the heady and airy sound of the album. 

This week they released the video for “Tiny Heads”, the first single off the album.  You can watch the video on Pitchfork

1. Too Beautiful to Work
2. Worth Mentioning (Bell Song)
3. Tiny Head
4. Moodslayer
5. Canary
6. Spherical Mattress
7. Cold Canada
8. What Mercy Is
9. I Need Mirrors
10. Seeing Things

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