Sleeping In The Aviary Fly Coop For Winter Tour


Minneapolis group Sleeping In The Aviary loves to chase different genres. On their first album Oh, This Old Thing? the band cranked lo-fi punk songs that drew comparisons to the Buzzcocks and the Thermals.

On their second album the band tried their hand at indie folk, with Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel being compared with Bright Eyes and Baptist Generals.

The band’s third album, Great Vacation, just came out last week. This time, the group has gone the way of layers of backup vocals and pop songs, with instruments like harps and trumpets making appearances (in addition to the creepiest cover art of the year).

The band will be on a national tour starting in January to support the new album. You can catch them, in all their lo-fi punk, indie-folk and pop glory, at

Sleeping In The Aviary Winter 2011 Tour:

01.06 • Minneapolis, MN — Triple Rock

01.07 • Madison, WI — Hgh Noon Saloon

01.08 • Appleton, WI — Hunger Strike Riot
01.09 • Milwaukee, WI — Borg Ward
01.10 • Chicago, IL — Empty Bottle
01.11 • Indianapolis, IN — Radio Radio
01.12 • Bloomington, IN — Rachael’s Cafe
01.13 • Nashville, TN — Little Hamilton Collective
01.14 • Atlanta, GA — The 529
01.18 • Houston, TX — Jet Lounge
01.19 • San Antonio, TX — The Ten Eleven
01.20 • Austin, TX — Hole In The Wall
01.22 • Dallas, TX — Double Wide
01.25 • Albuquerque, NM — Winning Coffee Co
01.26 • Tucson, AZ — The Hangart
01.27 • Phoenix, AZ — Trunkspace
01.28 • San Diego, CA — Soda Bar
01.29 • San Francisco, CA — The Pink House
01.30 • Oakland, CA — First Church Of The Buzzard
02.06 • Olympia, WA — Le Voyeur
02.12 • Boulder, CO — Astroland
02.15 • Wichita, KS — Kirby’s

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