Panda Bear Appears On New Ducktails Song

Panda Bear Guests on New Ducktails Song


Matthew Mondanile, guitarist from Real Estate, also makes music under the moniker Ducktails. He’s set to release a new album January 10th on Woodsist called Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics. The vinyl and digital releases of the album will have a special track that features Panda Bear.

The song “Killin The Vibe” will be put out as two versions, one chock full of Panda Bear and the other Panda Bear-free. The Panda-centric track will also be featured on a 12″ “Killin The Vibe” single that will be out in February.

The tracklist looks like this:
A1 Killin the Vibe [ft. Panda Bear]
A2 Couch Surfer
B1 Sit Around With Ya
B2 Killin the Vibe [ft. Spectrals]

You can hear clips from every track of the new album on the Midheaven website.

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