Christopher Paul Stelling Tackles A Classic and Closes Out 2010 With A Bang

History is important. Looking back can put things in perspective. Taking a deep gaze towards at a timeless track from the 1800’s, New York City up and coming songwriter, Christopher Paul Stelling, along with singer Julia Marie Christgau throw their version of the classic, “Motherless Child” into the pages of history.

Directed by John Alberico, the duo filmed their “Motherless Child” rendition in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a video highlighting their harmonies and the depth of this powerful song.

Have a look/listen at Stelling and Christgau’s video version of “Motherless Child” and if you’re up for it, here’s a little journey through the classic song’s evolution. Take a listen to the renditions of this amazing song, including one of the best-ever versions of it, by the inimitable man himself, Lou Rawls.

You can also check out two new tracks free from Stelling: “Flawless Executioner” and “Strange Darkness” and catch his last live performance of the year at Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage Two on December 20th.


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