Hoofdriver Is As Awesome As Name Implies

Although honestly, a couple of the other combinations sound way cooler. Formed as a 7″ between Deerhoof and Busdriver (MC Regan Farquhar), Hoofdriver features Busdriver recording new lyrics and vocals over the Deerhoof’s song “I Did Crimes For You.”

But really, Hoofdriver is the best one? What about Busdeer? Or Deerbus? Or Deerdriver? The compilation formed when Deerhoof accidently sent Farquhar the wrong instrumental track to sing over. By the time they realized their mistake, Busdriver had already recorded lyrics too awesome to ignore.

The 7″ will be out on a limited 1,000 copy-run in yellow vinyl. Meanwhile, Deerhoof have also released a new track from their two-month CD release party. The song “Must Fight Current” can be found over at www.deerhoofvsevil.com


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