Arboretum Reveals Track Listing & Cover Art For Upcoming Album


Inspired by Carl Jung’s The Red Book, Arboretum’s upcoming fourth album The Gathering has woven together a mixture of songs based on the concept of “losing one’s way and finding it again.”

Dave Heumann, singer, guitarist and primary man behind the lyrics, has always been an admirer of Jung’s work and says that he’s been a longtime fan of experiences that surpass comprehension. Using imagery based on Jung’s psychological archetypes and themes from Gnostic mythology, The Gathering is a perfect display of the perfect melding together of Heumann’s lyrics and guitars with Corey Allender’s driven bass lines that make it easy for listeners to get lost in the imaginary world the band has created.

For The Gathering, Arboretum enlisted Matt Boynton who recorded the band’s 2007 release Rites of Uncovering. Boynton was able to capture the sound Arboretum was trying to create and the result is somewhat of a masterpiece with both the album version and live performances blowing the audience away with such vivid detail.

Arboretum plays Cameo in New York City on Friday, December 3rd. The Gathering will be released February 22nd on Thrill Jockey Records with a tour to follow in the U.S. and Europe.


01 The White Bird
02 When Delivery Comes
03 Destroying to Save
04 Highwayman
05 Waxing Crescents
06 The Empty Shell
07 Song of the Nile

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