Saint Motel Cardigans Released


Saint Motel and clothing company Apliiq have just announced the release of a collaborative line of signature cardigans designed by Saint Motel. Like the tuxedo shirts the band wears on stage, each cardigan has a unique fabric chosen by each band member to reflect his individual style on each shoulder and on the sides of the cardigan (WHERE STYLE BELONGS.) According to the band and Apliiq, the cardigans are “perfect for a scotch fueled romp or for a night experiencing the thunder of Saint Motel’s live show.” They are not so perfect for the vomit rage after said night of scotch fueled romping though.

Saint Motel is currently wrapped up a tour with Nico Vega and Imagine Dragons and currently recording the follow up to their acclaimed ForPlay EP, which LA Weekly called “a glorious amble of glammy garage songs apparently unfettered by convention and triggering surprise emotional explosions at every turn.”

Pick up the cardigan HERE.

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