Parlovr Treats Fans To An Early Christmas Gift

Everyone loves free stuff and the guys from Parlovr (pronounced Parlour) know that.  So to quench everyone’s need for a freebie, the guys from Montreal are giving their fans and listeners a chance to download one of their latest singles, “Hell, Heaven” for free from their Facebook page. 

The single is part of a four song EP entitled Heaven/Hell/Big/Love that started off as more of a creative experiment.  The band started playing “Hell, Heaven”, which is about keyboardist/vocalist Alex Cooper’s childhood growing up in the middle east, last year while out on tour and decided that they wanted to get in the studio and create about three or four other tracks that basically had nothing to do with one another.  For Parlovr, it was a chance to just make some music that would require very little rehearsing or thought.  Other tracks on the EP include “Big Love”, a song about an ex-girlfriend of guitarist/vocalist Louis David Jackson, “Where is the Sun” and “Tehching Hsieh”.  The end result is a wonderful collection of songs that offer contrasting melodies and emotions. 

Parlovr will be touring the United States this fall, so keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates. You can preview “Hell, Heaven” HERE.

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