Miniature Tigers Flourish MHOW – CMJ

Agitated whirpool of mind-numbness. That is only one of the few ways we are able describe Brooklyn during its first night of CMJ. Williamsburg underwent a hurricane of Kevin Devine fans infiltrating the sidewalks and alleys outside the infamous Music Hall. Opening up,one of Modern Mystery’s favorite Brooklyn-based heart-throbs, Miniature Tigers set off the evening. The band injected the crowd with a dosage of synth-rock ripples,vibrating drum pulsations and nothing but tummy-fluttering guitar splashes. The boys’ performance impressed the locals as well as visitors,and eliminated themselves out of the prepackaged New York indie scene. Definitely one of the bands that is worth seeing during the CMJ madness.

Miniature Tigers have been keeping busy, and are preparing for their national tour in November.


Tropical Birds

Rock n Roll, Mountain Troll

Bullfighter Jacket

Egyptian Robe

Coyote Enchantment

Dark Tower


Mansion of Misery

-Viktorsha Uliyanova


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