Gayngs’ Tour Bus Drama

Gayngs had something of a dramatic close to their recent U.S. tour.

The band was supposed to finish their tour schedule with a triumphant stop at Austin City Limits, but it was not to be.

Instead, last Saturday the band learned that their tour bus (and all their instruments) had been stolen! The band reported it to the police and waited anxiously.

It was later discovered that the bus had not actually been stolen, but instead had been repossessed.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the bus was snatched by the company that rented them, CJ Star Buses. Reportedly Gayngs owed $6,000.

Gayngs had this to say, via Justin Vernon’s blog.

“While it is totally ‘Gayngs’ to not pay bills… we were given no warning of our gear being taken and it was absolutely our every intention to pay our bill. Matter of fact, me and Lewis just paid it. In person.”

The band gets their stuff back, but were “insanely bummed” to miss Austin City Limits. Let’s hope they make it out again next year.

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