Fredrik Choose An Album Release Date


Swedish trio Fredrik have announced the release date of their third full-length album, Flora. The album is a continuation of the group’s EP Origami and will be in stores and online March 29th .

The duo of Fredrik Hultin and O. Linderfelt added a third person to the party on Origami, with instrumentalist and singer Anna Moberg joining in.

Flora’s complete track list looks like this:

01 Ylva

02 Vattenfront

03 Chrome Cavities

04 Rites of Spring

05 The North Greatern

06 Caleido Kalahari

07 Inventress of Ill (and Everything)

08 Naruto and the End of the Broken Ear

09 The Shape and Colouor of Things Gone Blind

10 I’m Pretty Sure He Said Killdren

11 Axis

You can listen to the single from Origami called “White on White” right here and look for Fredrik’s latest album March 29th on The Kora Records.


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