Radical Dads To Release ‘Mega Rama’ June 14th

The Radical Dads announced the release their very first full-length album June 14th. For those who have not heard of this band, you are urged to head to their website and listen to “Reckless” with your windows open and the speakers vibrating. The song is a mix of pretty vocals, growling guitars, and a hammering drum. The band, which formed in 2008, is comprised of Lindsay Baker (singer/guitarist), Robbie Guertin, of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (singer/drummer), and Chris Diken (guitarist). Radical Dads released their self-titled EP in May 2009 and the “Reckless” 7-inch in December 2010. Their album is being released by Uninhabitable Mansions, an art collective and record label based in Brooklyn. And for all of you Brooklynites, there will be a show at Goodbye Blue Monday, celebrating Ms. Bakers’ birthday. Check out the show, fall in love with the band, and buy their album on June 14th.


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