Pacific Estate Comes Alive with “Millennial”

Unafraid of pushing the envelope, Ontario indie rock band Pacific Estate have a willingness to blur the lines of genre while staying true to their hook-driven roots, catalyzing a fresh yet familiar take on modern rock. 

After finishing up their debut album with JUNO Award-winning producers, Julius Butty (Alexisonfire, City and Colour), and Jay Dufor (July Talk, Protest the Hero), the stage is set for a monumental year.

Their first single of 2022 is the upbeat and melodic indie rock jam, “Millennial,” a combination party anthem and rally cry that reflects on the shared feeling that older generations kind of just hate millennials. 

“We’re in our mid-twenties and somehow we’re responsible for the climate going to shit, the economy crashing, and everything else that’s wrong with the world. And on top of that, the people that tell us the most are our own parents,” explains the band. 

Millennial” bridges contemporary sounds and classic rock to reflect on the band’s lives and those of their parents’, both past and present. It’s a song to dance and sing along to, gang vocals and horns evoking modern pop.


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