Emerging Country Artist Chris Pastore Releases his new Single “Yearbook Quotes” 

Released December 3rd, Chris Pastore’s brand new single “Yearbook Quotes” is a catchy, upbeat Country rock song. 

It is the second single release from Baltimore based singer-songwriter Pastore, who has been writing and recording music for some 25 years with various bands throughout the USA. 

“Yearbook Quotes” tells a story of a man who is lonely, down on his luck, drinking  but not taking heed of anybody’s advice. He is still having fun! Rhythmic percussion, upbeat guitar with steel pedal effects (Dave Hadley).and an overall clean musical sound. 

Pastore says: 

“Music like life can sometimes get a little too heavy, (ie 2020), We needed a song to take the edge off a bit, something to laugh at, something to celebrate, call it for what it is, a party singalong.  Sure people went a little bat SH$% crazy during covid, and hence the idea for yearbook quotes!  A whimsical play on words, innuendo, a little hypocrisy and good old fashioned fun!”

And fun is what Yearbook Quotes portrays. There is a solid rhythm together with groove and a classic country sound. Not forgetting, Pastore’s clear vocals which are somewhat reminiscent of artists such as John Mayer or Dave Matthews. 

Pastore started on piano as a young boy, moving on to guitar later at school and then joined a local group “Fat Apple,” touring the US from 99-2001. “Turn The Music Up Loud” is his first solo album in more than 10 years, and was carefully created together and recorded at Wrightway Studios. 

“this album has far surpassed all of my expectations and invigorated my passion for songwriting and performance.”  

Be sure to listen to “Yearbook Quotes”, and Pastore’s new album, coming soon. 

Stay current with everything Chris Pastore on his website http://www.chrispastoremusic.com/ and on his social media channels Facebook and Instagram. 

Music is available for streaming on Soundcloud , Spotify and You tube Music. 


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